Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Match'n Flip Released on Google Play™ Store

Yesterday we released our new free game, Match'n Flip for Android™ on the Google Play™ store.  Match'n Flip is a simple, relaxing puzzle game about finding and matching tile patterns.  You can find the app by clicking on the image below.

Android app on Google Play

I'm extremely excited to publicly release Match'n Flip for people to try out.  I've been running a closed beta with some close personal family and friends, but this is the first time people will really be able to see the game in action.

One of the exciting things about this game is how it was originally conceived and came to fruition.  The core concept for Match'n Flip was born out of a 7 day game development project I started and blogged about last month (links below).  After the 7 days project was over I was left with a game that was fun and felt good to interact with, but lacked polish and focus.  Instead of starting a new 7 day project, I decided to spend a few weeks polishing up the game experience, getting friends to play and iterating on the concept and feedback mechanics to really make the game feel solid.

I'd like to thank all the friends and family who helped and supported us, you guys are great!

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