Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Project Day 5 of 7 Recap

In case you haven't read some of my previous blog posts about this project, I'm currently working on making a Match 3 type tile game.

I spent a bit of time today working on a new game mode and then showing it off to some friends to get feedback on the mechanics.  For the new game mode I wanted to try something a little more interesting than the usual generic 'score x point in y seconds' or 'play this to infinity' type goals you see with a lot of Match 3 games.  I've taken some inspiration from the iPhone app 10000000 (Called 10 million) which uses Match 3 game play to drive game play in a larger context.  

The new game mode prototype I created is kind of like a boss battle; you fight against a boss that continuously spawns new minor enemies.  You must make frequent small tile # matches to remove the minor enemies that spawn to prevent too many from building up.  In addition you must also create large tile # matches to damage the boss and eventually kill it.  I put up a web player build for anyone who wishes to play it:

NOTE - There is no win/loss condition for this prototype, and everything i describe above is purely represented by the text values displayed on the upper left of the screen. There's no time limit, I'll probably add that at some point so the game doesn't go on forever.  Also this is a very very prototype build I'm sharing for the sake of being open about this project. If things don't work I apologize.

Boss Battle Game Type Prototype

Overall I like the direction of this game type. There's definitely a bit more of a challenge than the normal game play you see in a Match 3, however that may not be a good thing.  Casual players may be turned off by having to manage # of enemies + boss health + time limits + tile management.  That's a lot of concepts to drop onto someone at once, if this were the culmination of some other game modes with introduced these elements slowly, I think this could be very powerful.

I'd love to hear comments!

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