Thursday, October 25, 2012

iPad thoughts from February 2010 revealed on October 2012

I was going through my blog looking at old drafts and stumbled upon a draft with my thoughts about the iPad shortly after it was announced in 2010.  The creation date for this post was 2/10/2010.  It was interesting comparing my previous thoughts about the iPad, and tablets in general, with the reality of their existence now.  I do feel kinda proud about the book market prediction, especially given Apple's press event earlier this week where textbook on the iPad got a lot of love.

Other than this intro section, the entry below is unmodified from my Feb. 2010 blog draft (even left some annoying spelling errors in there).

-------------------------------- Look back in time ---------------------------

I'm about 2 weeks late writing this, but figured it's a good time to put my thoughts out there regarding the iPad.

I have to admit I hopped Apple wouldn't announce a tablet, since I honestly don't see the market role it will fill. I assume I'm in the demographic Apple is trying to reach with the iPad, given I'm a relatively young, tech-savvy person with disposable income. The problem is I just don't see any reason why I'd need one, given I already have an iPhone and a couple computers. Talking with some of my co-workers, the couple areas we could see it being popular is with people traveling a lot, or people who want it because it's an Apple product.

From Jobs's presentation, I get the feeling they're definitely going to push the e-book market and try to take market share from the Kindle and Nook. I'll be interested if they can gain access to a comparable amount of book content to compete against those two systems.

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