Sunday, September 19, 2010

Read an interesting Gamasutra blog today

I read an interesting blog on Gamasutra today written by an indie developer about his first week working full-time on his project. Reading it reminded me of what it was like for me when I first made the plunge from a mod-developer in my free time to a professional game developer full time. The biggest thing I remember thinking back then, was how awesome it was to have so much time available to work on projects. Going from 'doing what I can in my free time' to 'doing this for 8 hours a day' is quite a change. Some people handle that transition well, and some people don't.

As for me, I'm currently waiting to hear back from my project partner to see if he'll be available to meet up at a coffee place today to do some work. We've made some good progress on our project so far, and I've been pretty happy so far. I let one of my co-workers play an early version on my iPhone last night and he actually seemed to enjoy what was in there so far, so I'm pretty happy about that.

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