Saturday, April 3, 2010

iPad release day today

Apple's new iPad comes out today, that's pretty cool. I've been debating the pros and cons of getting one myself; and for now I'm leaning to not getting one for the immediate future. I'd love to have an iPad to play with and to develop games on, however right now those 2 reasons aren't quite enough to justify dropping $5-600. I'm still working on an iPhone project, and the iPad would easily distract me because I'd want to play with it.

Speaking of which, Unity3D just came out with an update to their iPhone SDK, Unity iPhone 1.7. I'm pretty stoked about that update, especially being able to play your game in the iPad simulator. That'll let developers without an iPad get a feeling for how their game will look running on the iPad device (not a perfect example though). I already downloaded and installed the update, however now I'm waiting to finish downloading the most recent iPhone/iPad SDK from Apple. Once that's finished and installed, I'm going to rebuild my current test project and upload it to my phone to check for problems. The Unity folks do a fantastic job with their updates, but every now and then a problem slips in, so it's always good practice to do some regression tests.

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