Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random act of kindness

I decided to hit up a coffee shop today so I could get out of the apartment and get some work done on the mythical iPhone game I'm trying to make. I was at the counter, ordered my coffee and reached for my wallet and...yeah, no wallet. Extremely embarrassed I told the young lady behind the counter I'd forgotten my wallet and I would run home real quick to get it (luckily I live very close). I quickly walked out and headed for my car, and was almost there when I heard, "sir...sir here's your coffee".

The barista had actual run out of the shop to catch me and give me a coffee, on the house, so I didn't have to go all the way back home. It was a very nice gesture, especially since I wasn't expecting it and really didn't mind running home to get my wallet. We joked on the way back into the shop when I told her I thought she'd told me to go home, and she couldn't believe I thought she'd said something so mean.

So Kristen, and Caribou Coffee, thanks for the happy experience today, I'll be back soon.

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